Dravida Organics 3% Tranexamic Acid Serum for Melasma, Acne Scars, Pigmentation (30 ml)


  • PROVEN TO REDUCE MELASMA: Made with 3% Tranexamic Acid, which is a derivative of the amino acid lysine. It reduces the activity of melanocyte tyrosinase thereby treating melasma.
  • REDUCES PIH & PIE: Contains 1% HPA (Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid), which is proven to prevent melanogenesis better than ascorbyl glucoside, kojic acid, and arbutin. It also has equivalent efficacy to hydroquinone without cytotoxicity.
  • REMOVES ACNE SCARS: The formula further contains 3% Mandelic Acid which gently exfoliates & further reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (like acne scars).
  • CLEAN & TRANSPARENT BEAUTY: This serum is (i) Fragrance-free (ii) Silicones-free (iii) Sulfates-free (iv) Parabens-free (v) Essential Oils-free and (vi) Dyes-free. Also, it is non-comedogenic & oil-free. Formulated at pH 3.8 – 4.8 with high quality ingredients including HPA is Radianskin, which is a high performance active developed by BASF, Germany
  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: This serum is suitable for all skin types: Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination, Sensitive & Acne Prone.
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Tranexamic acid is a new generation molecule that inhibits melanin synthesis by interfering with the interaction between melanocytes and keratinocyte through inhibition of plasminogen/plasmin system. External skin disruptors, such as UV light or injuries (like acne), cause the keratinocytes in our skin to produce plasminogen, that further start several processes like inflammation, increased tyrosinase activity, melanocyte differentiation, and transfer of melanosomes to upper skin layers. Tranexamic acid decelerates these processes by interfering with plasmin activity, and hence in turn, indirectly inhibiting melanogenesis. Studies have shown that Tranexamic acid, when applied topically, shows results similar to Hydroquinone in reduction of hyperpigmentation. It is also one of the most proven ingredient for treatment of Melasma. Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid (Radianskin) complements Tranexamic Acid as it has an innovative mechanism blocking the release of melanin by the melanocytes, an alternative to the inhibition of tyrosinase. HPA reduces melanogenesis by up to 86% and shows a greater depigmenting effect than ascorbyl glucoside, kojic acid and arbutin, and equivalent efficacy to hydroquinone without cytotoxicity. The formula also contains exfoliating acids like Mandelic Acid (3%) and Salicylic Acid (0.3%) which gently remove the dead cells from the top of the skin, boosting the performance of Tranexamic Acid and Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid, hence accelerating the reduction of hyperpigmentation and melasma.


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