Become A Distributor

Partner / Distributors are the link between the end customers and therefore the manufactures of the product or supplier of the service. think of a distributor as a sales force. Some confusion arises concerning the definition of wholesalers, distributors, dealers and re-sellers. Wholesalers purchase the product from the manufacturer. Distributors sell the merchandise, that the wholesalers then deliver. Distributors will sell to a retail merchant, WHO then sells to the client. The retailer can be called a dealer or re-seller. an reauthorized dealer meets sure needs from the manufacturer, or service supplier, to represent their product. needs vary widely. exactly what steps you’ll need to take to become a distributor depends on the particular company and distributorship.

As a distributor of Dravida Organics total Essential oil and Attar supplier, you position your business for growth within the emerging world of essential oil & attar. you also gain access to powerful resources, identify opportunities and work with customers.

Distributor should have the desired equity within the market and should have good relationship with the retailers

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